Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

F.tech (hereinafter the Company) recognizes the importance of any personal information given that may enable the identification of individuals, including their names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Therefore, no such information on users shall be gathered through Our Company website upon perusal alone. As a general rule, such information shall only be gathered under specific circumstances, such as in processing inquiries and requests.

Moreover, the Company may statistically analyze access trends on the website, but such information includes no personal information (note: Refer to “The Information Gathered and How It Is Used”)

Users shall be notified explicitly of any personal information gathered through the Company website, and any such information shall be handled according to the five stipulations laid down below.

Most pages on the Company website may be perused without disclosure of any personal information, but users may not be able to use specific services, such as sending inquiries.

  1. In the event of gathering personal information, users shall be notified of the purpose of its use, the Company inquiry desk, the scope to which the information will be provided to other companies, etc., and only information necessary for the specified purpose of use shall be gathered.
  2. Neither the Company nor the Company website shall disclose any personal information on customers to a third party without the customers’ approval. However, this shall not apply under the following circumstances:
    • When a court of law, regulatory agency, or other government organization issues a legally binding order requesting that that information be provided or divulged.
    • When information within the scope necessary for carrying out contracted work is provided or disclosed to an external contractor, hired upon concluding a nondisclosure agreement, to operate the Company website or carry out operations in response to online inquiries.
    • In the event of other extraordinary circumstances.
  3. In the event of obtaining permission from the user to disclose personal information to a third party, the Company shall make it mandatory for the third party to conclude a contract to prevent leakage, further disclosure, etc., and implement necessary measures to ensure its proper handling.
  4. The Company shall observe all applicable laws and ordinances pertaining to the handling of personal information held, and review and improve the policies outlined above whenever necessary.

Privacy Policy

The Company shall handle all personal information based on a standard policy, and make the utmost effort to ensure the explicit disclosure of this policy. The Company’s policy on privacy is the result of such efforts.

The Scope of the Policy on Privacy

This privacy policy shall apply to the gathering, use, storage and disclosure of information by the Company. Under exceptional circumstances, the Company shall ensure explicit disclosure of its intentions in advance to give customers the opportunity to choose whether they wish to participate or provide information or not.

The Information Gathered and How It Is Used

弊The Company may gather the following three types of information; (1) data on traffic or clickstreams (2) cookies (3) contact information or other information that will enable identification of individuals.

Below is an explanation on how the various data will be gathered and used by the Company, and how it will be shared (when applicable) with third parties.

  1. Data on Traffic or Clickstreams

    Individual users cannot be identified from data on traffic and use, and neither shall personal information be added to nor combined with such data. Moreover, certain gathered information may be shared with a specified, chosen third party, but no information shall be given on individuals. Only statistical, anonymous information shall be shared.

    The Company shall monitor browser functions and page views to gather information on the state of use of the services provided (e.g., information on traffic sources, information on most frequently used search words, checking for scams and other abnormal behavior, information on the state of use to enable the providing of technologically outstanding services). The Company shall use this information (not on individuals, but statistical data) to further improve services.

  2. Cookies

    As with many other websites, the Company uses cookies to gather information on the online activity of users. Cookies contain information that enables identification of users, which the Company uses to ascertain the users’ state of use and frequency of visits, as well as to streamline services used by customers. However, these cookies do not contain any information that allow the identification of individuals. Cookies merely provide information on repeat users, and inform the Company on whether good quality products and services are being provided. The Company also uses cookies to check the traffic sources of repeat users. The Company uses cookies to gather anonymous information for the purpose of monitoring the Company’s performance and as a means of identifying ways to improve services. Users may change the settings on their browsers to block cookies, but this may disable certain functions in the services provided.

  3. Contact Information or Personal Information

    The Company may use information on the customer’s name, e-mail address or other contact information solely for the purpose of responding to comments or notifications of problems sent to the Company by the customer, or in the event of the customer requesting information from the Company, and only when the customer has provided the personal information.
    Information obtained in this way shall not be stored or used in conjunction with data on traffic or clickstreams. Neither shall this information be disclosed to a third party.

The Safety of Gathered and Stored Information

In order to ensure the proper use of information by preventing unauthorized accesses and maintaining the accuracy of data, the Company implements physical, electronic and operational measures to protect the information gathered online and ensure security. However, the technology pertaining to data security is evolving rapidly. Customers are asked to treat all information (data, questions and answers, comments, suggestions, etc.) sent to the Company as being insecure, and understand that the Company shall not be held liable should any information sent to the customer in response be intercepted and used by an unintended recipient.

Request to Revise/Delete Personal Information

Should any information on customers be inaccurate or incomplete, or should customers request the revision/deletion of any information, which may have been gathered by the Company, the customers are asked to notify the Company in writing via the inquiry form on the website. In doing so, the customer will be required to provide information on the same name and e-mail address registered with the Company.

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Any questions regarding the Company’s privacy policy, information that allows identification of individuals, or the gathering of information in general, are to be sent via the inquiry form on the website.