Activities for Environment

Under the corporate slogan of "We maintain a rich global environment by executing our actions", we have established a philosophy for environment and environmental policies and put our activities into practice. The policies are as follow.

Philosophy for Environment

In order to become the top runner in the area of the environment in the automotive industry, we will make the utmost effort to establish a future with rich nature and low carbon by having each of our associate's extending their understanding of global environmental issues and proactively engaging in the continuous preservation of the environment in all areas of our corporate activities.


Basic Policy

  1. Work with preservation of environmental load reduction and biodiversity in all of our business activities involved in the manufacturing of F-tech’s suspension auto parts, in order to form a sustainable society.

    ・Reduce environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product.

    ・Reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by achieving lighter weight products in the development area.

    ・Save resources and energy in all business activities.

    ・Continue zero emission of waste in all business activities.

    ・Work on social contribution activities that lead to preservation of biodiversity.

  2. Comply with environmental/energy laws and the other agreed upon requirements.
  3. Strive to continuously improve our environmental/energy management system and prevent pollution.
  4. Establish environmental/energy objectives and targets, and review regularly.
  5. Ensure the availability of information as well as the necessary resources in order to achieve environmental and energy goals.
  6. Develop high environmental consciousness human through energy conservation activities and environmental conservation activities.
  7. Strive to take advantage of introduction of energy efficient products, equipment and service.
  8. Disclose environment information related to business activities appropriately.

Advancement of Energy Management through ISO50001

ISO50001 Certification acquired at Kameyama Plant 

Kameyama Plant acquired ISO50001 certification in October 2013 for the first time among the automotive parts manufacturers in Japan. ISO50001 is known and described as an energy management  system, and became an international standard in 2011. By establishing and utilizing a ISO50001 system, reduction in greenhouse gas and energy cost can be achieved.

Development of Energy Management through Global Energy Management Systems has improved activities implemented at Kameyama plant and established "Global Energy Management System" as a common energy management system used among group companies, which cover all ISO50001 requirements and's unique knowhow is also incorporated.

Future Activities

Global Energy Management System will be shared with the entire Group, and support will be provided to allow it to be deployed uniformly across all production plants in order to achieve reduction in greenhouse gas as well as increase cost competitiveness.


Certification Acquisition Status


Offices in Japan Acquired Date
Head Office and Kuki Plant November 1999
Haga Technical Center February 1999
Kameyama Plant February 1999

Valid until September 22, 2023

Overseas (Subsidiaries) Acquired Date
F&P MFG., INC. May 1999
F&P AMERICA MFG., INC. June 2000
Dyna-Mig. A division of F&P Mfg., Inc. May 2001
F-Tech Zhongshan Inc. January 2004
F&P Georgia, Adivision of F&P America Mfg., Inc. June 2005
F-Tech WUHAN Inc. December 2007
F-TECH MFG.(THAILAND) LTD. December 2009
F&P MFG.,DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. June 2017


Offices in Japan  Acquired Date 
Kameyama Plant October 2013

Valid until September 22, 2023

Environmental Report

The Environmental Report is intended to convey our group’s ideas and initiatives for environmental and social issues to our stakeholders in an easy to understand way. We also distribute it to our employees as a part of our environmental education.

  • Latest and back issues of Environmental Report can be viewed or downloaded from the following.