CSR Initiatives

Ecosystems throughout the world have been deteriorating at an unprecedented pace and scale over the last 50 years. Preservation of rich ecosystems and biodiversity has become a vital environmental issue on  par with controlling climate change.
F.tech Group participates actively in CSR initiatives to preserve biodiversity, and aims to create a prosperous and sustainable society in accordance with the “F.tech principle”. Furthermore, F.tech Group is actively engaged in CSR initiatives based on the “F.tech Biodiversity Guidelines” that have been issued by the group.

Main Activities

Food Drive Presentation Ceremony

A food drive is a form of charity that is conducted by a group of individuals or a corporation to stockpile and distribute foodstuffs that leave over at home to people who cannot afford food. November 2021, more than 560 food items were collected in 2 weeks through in-house donation.The items donated to 7 facilities in Kuki and Kazo city and will support many people.

Donation Masks

We would like to express our condolences and sympathies to all people who died of COVID-19, affected and their families.
At the same time, we would like to gratitude to people take medical care and those who support our lives.
We donated washable urethane masks to local governments and welfare organizations.

Kuki City Hall
left:President Fukuda
Center:Mayor Umeda
Light:Kuki General Manager Tateno

Saitama Prefectural Government
left:Manager Koike
 Light:President Fukuda

Cleanup Activities at Bizenhorigawa River

Activities are being carried out at our Kuki Plant to clean up the nearby Bizenhorigawa River.

The Adopt Program

Activities are being carried out at our Kameyama Plant to clean up the green tract of land north of the plant currently owned by Kameyama City (we were the first company to take part in Kameyama City’s Adopt Program).

The Adopt Program is an initiative that, “aims to achieve clean, trash and weed-free communal areas through volunteer cleanup activities, based on the ‘adoption’ of nearby parks and green tracts of land by people of local communities.”

Cleanup Efforts

The Haga Technical Center engages in activities to clean up the Haga Industrial Park.

F.tech’s Efforts to Create Forests

Amid the rising social interest in preventing global warming and preserving biodiversity, many companies are getting focused on and involved in “creating forests” as part of their environmental CSR initiatives.
Given this situation, F.tech took part in a “ceremony to conclude an agreement with Saitama Prefecture”, to create a forest, on February 4, 2015. The agreement was concluded between F.tech, Saitama Prefecture, and the Saitama Agriculture and Forestry Corporation.
F.tech has “adopted” the mountains around Moroyama-machi, and from now on, our employees will carry out periodic thinning of the forest and pruning of the trees in an effort to create a rich forest.

Overseas Main CSR Initiatives


Aid to Victims of the Taal Volcano Eruption

In 2020, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, Taal Volcano, erupted for the first time in 43 years.
The employees solicited donations to aid victims in Batangas City, and donated water, food, bath supplies, diapers and so on.

Dyna-Mig, A division of F&P Mfg.,Inc.(Canada)

Food Drive Activity

Every January, the employee carry out food drive activities and donate food to local charity organizations.

F&P MFG.,INC.(Canada)

Tree Planting Activity

The employee plant trees and maintain them every year. In 2019, they planted 40 tamarack and 10 spruce trees.
In addition, the employee installed 40 fences and 150 protectors to protect trees planted in the past that will also work for preventing the impact of beaver nesting on land environment and ecosystems destruction.


Aid to Local Schools

The employee repaired an old equipment of the neighborhood elementary school in Ayutthaya, and donated stationery, sporting goods, food and more.

F-Tech Zhongshan Inc. (China)

Picking Up Garbage in The Park

Although the activity was reduced due to COVID-19, the employee and their family took part in the activity, then opened a gaming workshop for children to learn the correct way to separate garbage.


Improving Environmental Awareness for Family

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the methods of social contribution activities were forced to review.
The employee planed a picture of coloring and let them to learn the importance of garbage separation and reduction water and energy consumption.