CSR Initiatives

Ecosystems throughout the world have been deteriorating at an unprecedented pace and scale over the last 50 years. Preservation of rich ecosystems and biodiversity has become a vital environmental issue on  par with controlling climate change.
F.tech Group participates actively in CSR initiatives to preserve biodiversity, and aims to create a prosperous and sustainable society in accordance with the "F.tech principle". Furthermore, F.tech Group is actively engaged in CSR initiatives based on the "F.tech Biodiversity Guidelines" that have been issued by the group.

Main Activities

・Activities to clean up local areas around plants (implemented at plants in Kuki, Kameyama and Haga).

Cleanup Activities at Bizenhorigawa River

Activities are being carried out at our Kuki Plant to clean up the nearby Bizenhorigawa River.





The “Adopt Program”

Activities are being carried out at our Kameyama Plant to clean up the green tract of land north of the plant currently owned by Kameyama City (we were the first company to take part in Kameyama City’s Adopt Program).

The Adopt Program is an initiative that, "aims to achieve clean, trash and weed-free communal areas through volunteer cleanup activities, based on the 'adoption' of nearby parks and green tracts of land by people of local communities."



Cleanup Efforts

The Haga Technical Center engages in activities to clean up the Haga Industrial Park.



F.tech’s Efforts to Create Forests

Amid the rising social interest in preventing global warming and preserving biodiversity, many companies are getting focused on and involved in "creating forests" as part of their environmental CSR initiatives.
Given this situation, F.tech took part in a "ceremony to conclude an agreement with Saitama Prefecture", to create a forest, on February 4, 2015. The agreement was concluded between F.tech, Saitama Prefecture, and the Saitama Agriculture and Forestry Corporation.
F.tech has "adopted" the mountains around Moroyama-machi, and from now on, our employees will carry out periodic thinning of the forest and pruning of the trees in an effort to create a rich forest.

Overseas Main CSR Initiatives


Providing Aid to Victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan

In November 2013, the super typhoon that struck the Philippines was one of the biggest on record. Based on FPMI’s slogan, "We are one family", many employees actively engaged in gathering donations, contributing relief supplies and taking part in volunteer work to divide up supplies to aid the victims. Furthermore, employees have been taking part in a tree-planting program since FY2011, and volunteers have so far planted 2,125 trees.




Dyna-Mig, A division of F&P Mfg.,Inc. (Canada)

Forest Conservation Activities Carried Out with the Stratford Scout Troop.

DYNA-MIG partnered with the 3rd Stratford Scout Troop in April 2013 to plant a total of 26 coniferous and deciduous trees. 79 trees have so far been planted on the company-owned property for this initiative, which began in 2011. In addition to tree planting, the scouts cleaned up the company’s regulating reservoir and areas around the planted trees. Tree planting reduces CO2 emissions and erosion, and at the same time contributes to the establishment of a habitat for wild birds, such as ducks and Canada geese, allowing them to nest around the pond.



F&P MFG.,INC. (Canada)

Activities Carried Out in Partnership with a Local Grass Roots Network

For the past 12 years, F&P has partnered with a local grass roots network to implement initiatives to improve water quality to enhance fish and wildlife habitats and encourage the flourishing of native plant species. Efforts have also been made to restore eroded riverbeds and banks in order to maintain the ecosystem. 550 seedlings of white pine, white cedar, nannyberry and maple have been planted on the company-owned property between 2006 and 2012.




Tree Planting on the Coast

Around 300 seedlings of a mangrove species were planted as a CSR initiative with the aim of preventing the destruction of mangrove forests, and boosting awareness among employees for environmental protection activities. Around 1 to 5 meters of the coastline in Thailand is being eroded every year, and the destruction of mangrove forests has been a problem. In addition to restoring the mangrove forest, initiatives were also implemented to preserve the ecosystem and breeding grounds of marine animals.




F-Tech Zhongshan Inc. (China)

Outdoor Cleanup Activities

The Ethics Committee carried out outdoor cleanup activities on a company holiday on March 17, 2013, at a mountain near the company to raise environmental awareness among employees. Efforts are being made to ensure the maintenance of a clean environment for the local people.