CSR Top Message

With “Better than Ever” as the slogan, we will always aim for better.

 Over the past two years, due to COVID-19 and the shortage of semiconductor, the number of automobiles produced in the world has decreased significantly and the business environment has remained extremely difficult.
 The Group has set “Better than Ever” as the corporate slogan and has been promoted business to provide new value to our customers with the company-wide policy “Break the Limit! Best One for Customers all over the World.” based on “Back to Basics, Challenge for New”.
 The new medium-term three-year management plan, which started in fiscal 2020, has faced a completely different business environment for the past two years than expected and has been forced to readjust.We will move forward with “Back to Basics” and “Challenge for New” as the two wheels, and “Better than Ever” as the slogan. Here, we will boldly take on the challenge of responding to the demands of the new era by further strengthening the expertise of our strength in the “undercarriage function area”.
 ”Our Action Guidelines” is translated and distributed in every languages of each overseas subsidiary as the starting point of CSR* activities, and has become a common understanding of employees all over the world working in the Group. We will continue to fulfill CSR, such as responding to climate change issues and coexisting with local communities, so that the existence of the Group will continue to be sought after by society.

*CSR:Corporate Social Responsibility