Our Action Guidelines

In line with our Company Principles and Management Policies, F.tech has manufactured highly reliable and valuable products, made contributions to society, and conducted business activities on a global scale, through which we have won the confidence of our customers and the general public.

In order to further promote our global activities focusing on the local community, each one of us will be required to take initiative-based and self-reliant activities more than ever in various countries and regions around the world.

With the aim of further securing the confidence of our customers and the general public and becoming an “automotive parts manufacturer capable of surviving the competition as a winner,” we have established “Our conduct guidelines,” as follows, regarding the specific actions required of us in our daily work. 

Compliance with laws and ordinances
We always give top priority to ethically appropriate conduct in all our activities. We always comply with laws and ordinances and act with a good social conscience as a good member of society in keeping with being a company with a high commitment to legal compliance. If we discover any violation or possible violation of any laws, ordinances or company rules, we will report the matter, make suggestions, and consult with our direct supervisor or the Corporate Ethics Kaizen Window.
Respect for human rights
We respect all individual and human rights of our colleagues in the workplace.
We do not tolerate any child labor, forced labor, discrimination or any type of harassment that violates human rights.
Labor and Safety & Health
We will establish a safe and secure working environment for all our employees, and maintain a pleasant and safe working environment.
We strictly follow the highest standards and procedures giving top priority to provide products and services with safety to meet customer’s expectations.
Compliance with company rules
We create our company’s internal rules and regulations based on rational reasoning and relevant objectives to create a fair and equal working environment and we commit to communicating with our employees eˆffectively.
Traffic safety
As a member of the automotive components manufactures, we always observe tra‰c safety laws, rules and regulations, being a good citizen on the road by giving way to others on the road.
Environmental protection
We will endeavor to protect the environment, with the belief that the Earth belongs to all humankind. We always consider minimizing the impact on nature and optimize energy resource utilization in production.
Increasing corporate value
We believe the purpose of a company as a going concern is the creation of value. We will always strive to maximize socially accepted corporate values by bringing prot long-term for our shareholders and society.
Disclosure and management of information
We strictly distinguish and manage information from personal, company condential, and to be disclosed appropriately. However, we strive to publicly make available any required information in accordance with respective laws and corporate regulations appropriately and in a timely manner.
Fair transactions
We always ensure business is conducted in a free, equal and fair manner with transparency, and will not engage or agree with any irrational, corrupt business practices.
We will not allow giving and receiving of any benet or convenience beyond reasonable and legal limits socially acceptable, and we will not maintain any unfair relationship with political parties or government authorities.
We will never permit or tolerate any relationship or connection with any anti-social organizations or behaviors which may threaten the safety and well-being of our society.
Community involvement
Being a member of the local community, we support the creation of an equal, wealthy and well-being of our society through participation in local community development, promotion of cultural, educational, and the improvement of the welfare of the local society.