F-tech procurement Basic Policy

The F-tech Group continues to promote fair, just, and transparent transactions in accordance with Mission Statement, Our Action Guidelines, and various other policies. We are committed to fostering a spirit of coexistence and mutual prosperity with our business partners.

Open and Fair Transactions

In its procurement of materials and parts, F-tech Group conducts purchasing activities that support appropriate corporate activities through fair, equitable, and open transactions both in Japan and overseas. In selecting suppliers, we make comprehensive evaluations and judgments from a variety of perspectives, including quality, technology, price, delivery time, stability, and commitment to continuous improvement and systems.

Partnership with Business Partners

We will strive for mutual understanding with our business partners as a good partner producing better products, and build a relationship of trust with the idea of coexistence and mutual prosperity by making full use of mutual wisdom and ingenuity from an equal standpoint.

Promotion of Green Purchasing

In order to improve environmental conservation efforts, the F-tech Group considers environmental management activities in the supply chain to be essential. We distribute the F-tech Environmental Policy and seek understanding and cooperation from our business partners to aim for the purchase of environmentally friendly materials and components with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, we strive for logistics efficiency in order to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Consideration for Human Rights and Labor

The F-tech Group conducts procurement activities that give consideration to human rights and labor, both in Japan and overseas. We avoid the procurement of raw materials and parts that have not given due consideration to conflict minerals and the like.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The F-tech Group complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and social norms in each country and region in which it conducts its purchasing activities, and ensures that confidentiality is maintained