Safety and Health Initiatives implements safety and health initiatives with the aim of preventing work-related injuries and illness, as well as to maintain and promote health.
We also engage in public awareness activity on traffic safety as a company involved in automobiles.

Safety and Health Policy

Based on 3A approaches (Actual place, Actual part, Actual situation), We will strive to restrengthen implementation of risk assessment to prevent work-related injuries.

Example of Safety and Health activities

[Raising Awareness for Safety] has established a "Safety Day" in order to raise safety awareness among all employees by implementing the following initiatives. all employees by implementing the following initiatives.
Invite  "Safety slogans" and "Safety posters", and select award of excellence. All departments execute "Safety declaration" and report "Safety improvement examples".



[Safety Education]

In order to acquire an ability to foresee dangers, employees attend risk assessment training and implementation, and safety workshops initiated by the safety and health committee. Specialized training for work on the floor is also provided to the employees with the purpose of accident prevention.



[Safety Walkthrough]

Periodical walkthroughs are carried out on the floor to check for potential dangers in equipment and operations. 


[Emergency Drill]

A comprehensive disaster-preparation drill (evacuation, report, and fire extinction) is carried out once a year in preparation for an earthquake or a fire.  We also conduct practical training on how to hadle emergency situations, how to carry the jnjured, etc.



[Mental Health]

A worker-friendly environment has been established through stress checks to ensure the mental health of employees. Specialist counseling services for employees and their families are available.

Traffic Safety Initiatives

We hold regular safety workshops for parents and children living in the neighborhood.




Global Safety and Health Initiatives

We share our domestic knowhow in safety and health with our overseas subsidiaries in a global effort to prevent accidents.