Our Action Guidelines

In line with our Company Principles and Management Policies, F.tech has manufactured highly reliable and valuable products, made contributions to society, and conducted business activities on a global scale, through which we have won the confidence of our customers and the general public.

In order to further promote our global activities focusing on the local community, each one of us will be required to take initiative-based and self-reliant activities more than ever in various countries and regions around the world.

With the aim of further securing the confidence of our customers and the general public and becoming an "automotive parts manufacturer capable of surviving the competition as a winner," we have established "Our conduct guidelines," as follows, regarding the specific actions required of us in our daily work. 

Compliance with laws and ordinances
We will always give top priority to ethically appropriate actions in all of our activities. We will always comply with the laws, ordinances, and the rules. Each of us will act with common sense as a responsible member of society, so as to ensure a high level of legal compliance at the company.
Compliance with company regulations and rules
With appropriate understanding of the purpose of establishing company regulations and rules, which have been established for ensuring a working environment in which every one of the associates can work together with equal rights and opportunities, we will always act in compliance with these company regulations and rules. 
Traffic safety
As people engaged in production of automotive parts, we will always be in compliance with traffic rules, and we will always strive for exemplary safe driving with a readiness to give way to others on the road.
Conservation of the environment
Based on an understanding that the Earth is an invaluable asset to the whole of humankind, we will strive to minimize, and ensure optimum disposal or treatment for, any waste related to manufacturing, and to utilize natural resources and energy in more efficient ways.
Increase in the corporate value
With an understanding that the continued survival of a company relies on the creation of values, we will strive to raise the corporate value as a company winning recognition from the general public, trying to continue securing profit on a long-term basis.
Information and public disclosure of information
We will make clear distinctions between private or confidential information and information to be disclosed to the public, and we will strive to provide accurate information that is useful to our customers, and to disclose information that should be made public in a timely and appropriate manner.
Fair business transactions
We will not engage in any unreasonable or irrational business practices and we will not provide benefits or preferential treatment to anyone beyond common sense or generally accepted ideas, always evaluating various conditions based on comparisons in an impartial manner and conducting business transactions that are sound and fair.